Nackt schlafen besser
May 17, 2023

Why you should sleep naked

The most popular sleeping costume for Austrians is pajamas. Temperatures are rising across the country and we're telling you why you should go to bed naked tonight!

Sleeping naked is healthy

Human body temperature drops by half a degree at night. If we sleep without clothes, this happens faster and our body saves energy and rests even better. The quality of sleep improves and this results in further benefits such as increasing ability to concentrate and better skin.

You promote a good relationship

According to a British study by The Independent, around 57 percent of naked sleepers said they had an “extremely happy” relationship. Skin contact with your partner not only triggers sexual stimuli, but also releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which binds couples more closely to each other.


This way you burn more calories

If you go to sleep in your Adam's costume, your body cools down a few degrees faster and activates your fatty tissue. This increases calorie consumption.

Sleep naked and enjoy fresh bed linen more often

Who doesn't love falling asleep with the smell of fresh bed linen, simply wonderful. When we sleep naked, the sweat from a hot night ends up directly on the sheets. The covers should therefore be washed twice a week. However, this also applies to pajamas and the like! This means that the washing effort remains the same, regardless of whether you sleep naked or not! ☺️

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